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Ophthalmic Frames and Sunglasses

We have a large variety of ophthalmic frames and Sunglasses, with options are available for swim, sport, safety and more. It is important to select eyewear that fits comfortable, suits your look and your lifestyle. Our opticians can customize and personalize your frames and lenses to meet your vision needs.

Choosing a pair of glasses can be overwhelming but with our optician’s assistance finding a pair of glasses you love will be a breeze. There are some factors when shopping for new eyewear that you should pay attention to before purchasing. Some of the questions we ask are directed to uncovering your needs. Such as:

  • What type of environment will you be in?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you have?
  • How do you care for your glasses?
  • How many hours do you spend on digital devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones?
  • Are you athletic or active?
  • Do you have sunglasses?
  • Are you fashion conscious?
  • What is a typical day like in your life?

Ophthalmic Frames and Sunglasses

These are just some of the questions we will ask to help guide you in choosing the perfect pair of glasses based on your needs.

We recommend multiple pairs of glasses, as this helps to lengthen the life of the eyewear and it also gives you the option of changing your eyewear look, just like you would with your jewelry and your clothing throughout the week.

The shape of your face and style of glasses can change how you present yourself to the world. We have suggested a few recommendations for the different face shapes. Finding the perfect style of eyewear can be hard at times, and there are a variety of considerations when choosing the frame for you. The shape, the color, and the design are all important when selecting a style that will complement the shape of your face and personality.

Oval face shape features a higher and slightly wider cheekbone that narrows toward the forehead and chin. This shape allows you to pull off almost any style especially oversized and wide frames. Oval faces are free to go bold with color, texture or shape.

Square face shape features wider jawline and forehead. To draw the focus to your strongest features, choose a dark and rounded frame. The rounded shapes will soften and add contrast to your angular features, making your face stand out. Rimless and semi-rimless are a great look to start with.

Round face shape features equal width and length for forehead and jawline. Sharp angled frames will add an extra definition and depth to your face. More angular and wide frames can add the illusion of length to a face. Full frames and semi-rimless frames are a great starting point.

Heart or Triangular face shapes feature wider forehead with a narrow chin and cheekbones. Look for frames that have a heavier wider appearance on the top, that are rounded or oval with thin and light detailing. Such as frames with heavier detail on top and lighter details on the bottom. Diamond face shape features full cheekbones, narrow forehead and jawline. Horn rim or cat eye frames fit best with this shape. Oval and squared frames are also desired for this face shape.

Face Shape

We have a wide collection of different designer frames such as Adidas, Bebe, Bertelli, Boss Orange, Coach, Dragon, Emporio Armani, Flexon, Michael Kors, Oakley, Perry Ellis, Polo, RayBan, Silhouette, and Spy. Some designer frames are available in different frame materials such as titanium, stainless steel, acetate, drill mount, semi-rimless and nylon frames.

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